This Irish harpist combines a hypnotic Celtic spirituality and contemporary sophistication in her playing and delicately lovely singing”


Áine Minogue proves beyond reasonable doubt why the harp is indeed the instrument of Angels” - Randy Lewis, LA Times
Áine Minogue... a balm for our times... ”


About Áine Minogue...

….this Irish harpist combines a hypnotic Celtic spirituality and contemporary sophistication in her playing and delicately lovely singing"  BOSTON GLOBE 

As traditional Irish music and dance continue to enjoy phenomenal success both here and in Ireland, Áine Minogue is an artist who has long explored its themes and who captures its very essence. Her voice reflects the lyricism and richness to be found in Irish music, mythology and poetry with a voice undeniably her own and a diverse group of instruments that add to the traditional flavor of her work. 

Áine Minogue is close enough to her Celtic sources to be nourished by them, but not so close that they root her to the spot.                  BILLBOARD MAGAZINE 

Born in Borrisokane, County Tipperary, Áine's large musical family encouraged her to pursue a number of different instruments during her youth (which explains her obvious skill at arranging). They played together as a family and attended fleadhs (traditional music festivals). But it was at the age of twelve while at boarding school in County Galway that Áine discovered her true love - the harp which soon became the basis for her unique compositional and vocal style. After completing school she spent three years developing her talent as a harpist at Bunratty Castle, County Clare - the perfect setting to emphasize the harp's lyrical connection to Irish history. 

Like so many Irish before her, Áine moved to the United States and settled in New England and continued to concentrate on the traditional music of her homeland, both as a soloist and collaborator. As well as writing music, Áine takes an ancient art form, extensively explores its underpinnings but adds her own creativity to each piece, combining ancient and modern. 

Áine's harp has entertained Presidents and Prime Ministers, and is a regular performer at folk festivals and concerts throughout the country. 

Her sixteen recordings include, Were You At the Rock, To Warm the Winter's Night, The Mysts of Time, Between the Worlds and Circle of the Sun, The Twilight Realm, Celtic Meditation Music, and Celtic Pilgrimage, Celtic Lamentations,  Close Your Eyes, Love, In the Name of Stillness, Epiphany and several Holiday/Christmas albums. 

Her albums focus heavily on the lifecycle exploring such themes as birth, union, pilgrimage, even death. These concept albums and song cycles embrace poetry, mythology, and folklore, taking ancient melodies and ideas and wrapping them in new musical formats for modern ears. 

Her album “Celtic Lamentations,” an emotional and historical exploration of grief, loss and mourning traditions, was awarded Celtic Album of the Year in 2005 (NAV Lifestyle Awards); was among Boston Globe’s Top Ten albums of the year, as well as one of NPR’s most popular feature stories on the World.

Áine's music, in varying styles, has appeared on compilations for such labels as BMG, Decca, Universal, Virgin Records, Windham Hill and Putumayo. Many of these albums have topped Billboard’s World, Classical-crossover and New Age Music Charts for months at a time..  

"Áine Minogue proves beyond reasonable doubt why the harp is indeed the instrument of angels….”      Randy Lewis, LA TIMES ***** (5 star review) 

Minogue has remained true to herself and her craft: continuing to creating gorgeous, calming, contemplative music that observes Celtic tradition while adding something new and unique. Her fans return to her music again and again, particularly during holidays and special times of year—she has tens of millions of plays on Pandora and over 100,000 Spotify listeners, along with steady album sales that have continued over her career. 

“Minogue’s ethereal voice caresses her Gaelic lyrics like a breeze through Irish mists, but her sound is more organic, mixing her own Celtic harp with acoustic guitars, cello, fiddles, flutes, and percussion from Irish bodhrans to Indian tables” BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

Áine Minogue... a balm for our times... BOSTON GLOBE 

Áine Minogue... a breath of fresh Éire... ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 

Áine Minogue, a breath of fresh Éire...”


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